Saturday, July 27, 2019

The two phases of enlightment in Malcolm x's life Essay

The two phases of enlightment in Malcolm x's life - Essay Example Malcolm X was arrested for burglary in 1946. He was jailed for seven years. During this time, he educated himself through reading on various issues. From his ignoble days of street crime, his rise to the â€Å"stature of one of the most profound catalysts of the civil rights movement† came about as a result of powerful changes in his thought patterns. He attributed his transformation to two revelations that he had, which enlightened and empowered him. From extensive reading, Malcolm discovered Allah and the religion of Islam. Thus, from staunch atheism, he converted to the Muslim faith. This proved to be his first enlightenment. He achieved a major turnaround from his downward spiral of declining moral character, and rise up progressively. This helped him to develop the progressive side of his heritage, that is â€Å" â€Å"the potential for racial self-identification and self-productive aggressivity† (Wolfenstein: 209). In 1952 he took the last name X, in rejection of the white man’s name (X: 119). Malcolm X was a Muslim, a consistent Black nationalist, and a revolutionist of action (Ryan, 2008). Malcolm X became a minister within the Nation of Islam, and was held in high honour in the Muslim world. The second revelation was brought about by his brother Reginald, who visited him in jail.

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