Sunday, July 28, 2019

Report about Plagiarism is one form of academic dishonesty, although Essay

Report about Plagiarism is one form of academic dishonesty, although it cannot be assumed that all plagiarism occurs merely because a student is aiming to cheat. Discuss - Essay Example It is basically copying and pasting ideas from an original work of another person.Murdoch University (2004) defines plagiarism as: Plagiarism constitutes using the work of another without indicating by referencing (and by quotation marks when exact phrases and passages are borrowed) that the ideas expressed are not their own. †¦ Plagiarism and collusion apply to work in any medium (for example, written or audio text, film production, computer programs, etc.) (p. 20). Most universities tend to believe that students plagiarise simply because they want to cheat, however an analysis of a qualitative study done on 12 students revealed that there are other factors that influence a student in plagiarising. Such factors range from poor academic skills, self esteem to social and cultural factors. Research findings from other parts of the world are also comparing positively with these research findings and these findings can go along in generating ideas for universities to look into in solving this issue. Several studies all over the world have been conducted to find out what influences students to commit plagiarism. Initial researches have often used the assumption that plagiarism as a form of cheating is done deliberately by students for selfish gain however recently other research institutions have deviated from this assumption to other qualitative views that propels students to plagiarise (MurdochUniversity, 2004). Certain factors associated with education such as academic skills, social pressures, cultural pressures have also been found to contribute to plagiarism without the student necessarily intending. Although in most universities plagiarism is often equated with cheating. Cheating such as taking notes to an exam room, lying so as to get consideration and intentionally coming up with a fake bibliography is more intentional than plagiarism therefore plagiarism should be given a different approach in order to

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