Saturday, January 25, 2020

Today’s America Versus World War II America Essay -- patriotism, libert

There is a fine line between what American society looked like during World War II and contemporary America. The dilemma is that society has gone from patriotism and a fight for liberty to â€Å"everyone walking around with a chip on his or her shoulder† (Carr 2). This two distinct differences on America culture and society is manifested in, Howie Carr’s â€Å"Take $2000 and Call Me in the Morning† and Ronald Reagan’s speech, â€Å"The Boys of Point du Hoc†. Carr’s â€Å"Take $2000 and Call Me in the Morning† illustrates and criticizes the abuse of legal defense by citizens of the United States of America and how people feel like they are entitled to a lot of things. In contrast to that in Ronald Reagan’s speech, â€Å"The Boys of Point du Hoc† takes us back to a time back in American history where people fought and died for what they believed to be a just cause; while reiterating that America’s goal was to avoid what and conflict with the Soviet Union. In these two pieces of writing, both authors use different tones to get their message across to the public. Carr’s uses a sarcastic and humorous tone to poke fun at how American society and his humorous but important analogies to support his argument that people are abuses the legal system to get money. Regan’s main argument is that peace with the Soviets can be made, but war will always be an option if needed. Regan supports his argument w ith a serious tone, emotional words that evoke memories of America’s strength and determination. Using a humorous and sarcastic tone, Carr addresses how serious this â€Å"emotional distress† that the American people know seem to suffer from. Carr uses this sarcastic tone to show the people how pathetic and chronic this situation has become. Carr starts out the essay by, â€Å"Alm... ...ntouchable, and whomever touches America will not live for long. Life in America society is different, and while reading the two texts from Carr and Reagan, it becomes apparent that the society has evolved to the worst. Society went from a courageous â€Å"bagpipe player in the middle of a bloody battle†(Reagan ) to â€Å"A guy suing after his dog confuses a restaurant for a fire hydrant† (Carr 2). The two authors show a huge contrast while using different tones and analogies to catch the attention of the people they are trying to reach. Has American society decline that much from the World War II era? Carr seems to think so and reading Reagan’s speech shows how there is a clear difference. Works Cited Carr, Howie. â€Å"Take $2000 and Call Me in the Morning.† Boston Herald (March 1995): 1-2 Reagan, Ronald. â€Å"The Boys of Point du Hoc†. Course Packet. (June 6, 1984) 26-29

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