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Converse case study - 1357 Words

Ning Zhang Intro to Marketing(MKT333) Ms. Susan Carder Dec. 20th 2014 Case Study#3 Converse 1. How would you define the needs, wants, and demands of the Converse customer? Needs lead to wants, wants lead to demands, demands lead to perception. Consumers want stylish shoes, so they demand that they be affordable. A need is a state of deprivation, and some needs according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs are more crucial than others, in this case Converse customers need shoes to protect their feet, this is a basic need. A want is the form human needs take as they are shaped by culture and individual personality. Converse customers want trendy shoes that are popular, and well priced. Converse offers and satisfies both of these wants.†¦show more content†¦Allow me to try to analyze why Converse from the industry giant to be acquired by Nike. Converse is the earliest brand ruling of the NBA, although after 50 years, Adidas has become the worlds first sports brand, but in the NBA games, Converse is well-deserved hegemony. From a number of photos and videos of earlie r year you can see, almost all of NBA players are wearing Converse shoes in the game. Converse has been able to guide the 1970s NBA, in my opinion there is a very important reason is that, the Basketball Sport is still far from such a powerful influence of today, so when time the industry leader Adidas also did not pay attention to this market. These factors give Converse development has created a relatively comfortable environment. Comfortable environment means lack of effective competition, the lack of competition leads to very slow progress of Converse products. Before Nike reached the NBA to a few decades, although Converse basketball shoes improvement is growing, almost no qualitative leap. In 1982, Nike launched carrying air cushion technology for AirForce1 basketball shoes, then compared Converse products and AirForce1, Converse’s almost no technology content. While in the 1980s, Nike has launched a landmark product, but Converse did not immediate realize crisis, beca use in the 1980s, Converse has the leagues most powerful Larry Joe Bird and Earvin Johnson as spokespersons, and that time Michael Jordan is only fledgling from hisShow MoreRelatedEssay about Converse Case Study1803 Words   |  8 PagesConverse: Shaping the Customer Experience They dominated the basketball courts – both amateur and professional – for more than forty years. The first U.S. Olympic basketball team wore them, and Dr. J made them famous in the NBA. Punk rocker Joey Ramone made them standard issue for cult musicians; indeed, Kurt Cobain even donned a pair when he committed suicide. Today, a broad range of consumers, from the nerdiest of high school students to A-list celebrities, claim them as their own. What areRead Moreunit 10 P5 M31714 Words   |  7 Pagesmethods that can be used to support children/ young people and their families where abuse is suspected or confirmed. M3 Assess strategies and methods used to minimize the harm to children, young people and their families where abuse is confirmed. Case study: Paul is 10 years old. His teachers that he might be suffering from abuse at home have reported it to the Local authority. He will be starting secondary school in a month’s time. The local authority is due to put him in care temporarily whilst investigationsRead MoreResearch Papers1085 Words   |  5 PagesCase Studies for Conflict Resolution: A key element in civil rights training Wisconsin  WIC      CONFLICT  RESOLUTION:  CASE  STUDIES   The following case studies match the scenarios in the online training. Review (watch or read) each scenario, and then answer the questions, below. Think about what you have learned and identify a conflict resolution technique that you would use in each situation. Case Study #1 Julia just finished a certification appointment for Maria, a participant who hasRead MoreParadigm As A Research Paradigm1423 Words   |  6 PagesSince the twentieth century, there has been a debate about which research paradigm is the most optimal and enables valid and rigorous way to collect data and study social phenomena (Kervin, 2015). A paradigm is defined as the mind-set of a researcher relating to their beliefs around acceptable ways to research, including the questions, the methodology and ways of interpretation (Kervin, 2015). One paradigm, positivism, aims to conduct research in a scientific manner, valuing statistics, replicabilityRead MoreAn Investigation Of An Assault1019 Words   |  5 Pagesdenounced individual. CURRENT STATUS Charge sheet is submitted in the court and the matter is debatable. This case won the first runner up position for the India Cyber Cop Award, for its examining officer Mr Deepak Dhole, Inspector, Mumbai Police. This case was an excellent sample of social designing when Internet was simply starting to take off in India. The police reaction was quick and the case examination careful and proficient. PREVENTION MEASURES 1. Use Strong Passwords Use distinctive client ID/watchwordRead MoreRichard E. Walton s Article3049 Words   |  13 Pagesworkplace† is a groundbreaking work which advocates that managers evolve from using the control strategy to ultimately adopting the commitment strategy. The discussion below considers his description of a control organization by looking at a case study. The case study which will be put under the microscope for the discussion focuses on developments which have led to degradation in how the workforce is managed at the Slade Company. By highlighting elements of their approach used to manage employees, andRead MoreCase Study : A Malaysian Company Essay2866 Words   |  12 PagesIntroduction: This case study is about a Malaysian company, named Padi-cepat. This company has business of food, beverages and baking products. This business units offer different products which are marketed separately because they require different technology and marketing strategies. Performance is judged o n a segment’s profit before tax and interest. The CEO of the company named Raja Norman Effendi has become concerned about the future profitable growth of this company because the company facedRead MoreInterco825 Words   |  4 PagesHBS Case Study : Interco 9-291-033    HBS Case Study : Interco 9-291-033 * Started out as shoe company – been around a long time * †¢Business has spread to other consumer products / services through acquisitions * †¢Fairly conservative financially, debt level is relatively low * Interco has moved away from apparel and general retail (went from 59% to 40% of total sales)†¢ * Placed more emphasis on the footwear division. (acquired Converse in 1986)†¢ * Placed much more emphasisRead MoreInterpretation of Interco‚Äà ´s Financial Performance812 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Interpret Interco’s financial performance. Why is Interco the target of a hostile takeover? What are your interpretations of the Board of Directors in case Exhibit 1? As a member of Interco’s board are you persuaded by the premiums paid in case Exhibit 10 or the comparable transactions analysis in case Exhibit 11? Why? Apr. 27 Interco (C) continued: Compute the estimated value of Interco based on instructions in Exhibit 34. Use the 1988 sales data in Exhibits 8 as the foundation for theRead MoreThe Management Styles Employed By Users Of Scientific Management1110 Words   |  5 Pagesat these differences might help identify why The Human Relation School’s ideas may be considered more ‘evolved’. Looking into the first difference highlighted; de-skilled versus enriched tasks we must first discuss in each case why the attitude has been adopted. In the case of Scientific Management it is clear that the reasoning behind the, de-skilled or maximally specialized tasks is the newfound ability to divide the production process up into simple short tasks. Then it’s possible to train employees

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